Get Buffed Up

RhinoBuff FPS Precision Kit
Gaming Phone Case × Screen Protector

Precision meets perfection at your fingertips. In top-tier clashes, a single misstep can alter fates.

Leave no room for error. Let our FPS Precision Kit buff you up: lightning-fast responsiveness + seamless touch control + feather-light handling + superior heat ventilation + customizable experiences.

Improve your gaming performance, be the most formidable adversary and the most dependable ally in every match.

0 Latency, Electric-Enhanced Controls

The speed of electricity dictates the agility of your control.

How do we illustrate RhinoBuff FPS Precision Kit's resemblance to first class gamers? Swift as lightning, electrifying... All these winning secrets are embedded in MGC's patented electric-enhanced tech.

With a touch of sensor buttons, the body’s electrical signals are transmitted, triggering real-time electrodes on the screen protector—Every command responds within milliseconds, synchronized with your instincts and actions.


Perfect Hand Feel, Tailored for Mobile Gamers

Sore hands, numb fingers, stiff wrists? Mastering the game isn't as easy as it seems.

Lighter than ever, the RHINOSHIELD gaming case is crafted with a slim bumper, offering an effortless hold without hindrance. Its lightweight design reduces the strain of operation, freeing you from burdens.

Furthermore, the sensor buttons on the bumper enable you to regain natural gestures during gameplay, preventing fatigue caused by prolonged, complex finger movements.


Unstoppable, Ultra-Smooth Screen Protector

Optimized for mobile gamers, RhinoBuff gaming screen protectors undergo a special matte treatment, eradicating obstruction during touch for an impeccably smooth experience. This seamless operation enables flawless maneuver execution with precision.

Execute surprise attacks with stealthy and intricate movements, catching your opponents off guard with exceptional finesse.

Remappable Buttons: Customize Your Own Experience
Empower yourself with personalized configurations by assigning frequently used commands to the sensor buttons.

With HyperTouch sensor buttons, control responses become more intuitive, simultaneously eliminating screen interference caused by finger movements during gaming operations, thus broadening your field of view.

Test the sensitivity of the buttons with the RhinoBuff Precision Kit testing tool app!
Backless Design, Optimized Ventilation
Cool Down, Power Up. In the heat of battle, as your performance ignites, your phone shouldn't overheat and hinder your play.

The RhinoBuff gaming case boasts a backplate-free design to enhance cooling efficiency, enabling maximum airflow for heat dissipation, ensuring your phone can operate at full speed without the risk of overheating.

Rest assured, even with just the minimalistic bumper case, RHINOSHIELD maintains military-grade protection without compromise.
Zero-Error Installation
Almost there, just a bit more... Precision is everything, especially when it comes to installing screen protectors.

Thankfully, in the world of RHINOSHIELD, this is a non-issue. Our included alignment frame ensures that every perfectionist achieves flawless results. With just a gentle application, every corner falls seamlessly into place.
Full Package in Pocket Size
Gear should elevate your abilities, not limit your mobility.

No need to fret over bulky mobile gaming grips with nowhere comfortable to place them. No concerns about external controllers unexpectedly running out of battery, disrupting your gaming experience.

Elite excellence means being fully equipped even with minimal gear,prepared to showcase top-notch performance anytime, anywhere.This ethos is perfectly embodied in the lightweight and portable RHINOSHIELD FPS Precision Kit.

Military-Grade Defense, Match Your Mighty Force

Lightweight yet resilient, RhinoBuff resists bending and fits your phone snugly for solid protection. Crafted for mobile gamers, this case is produced with upgraded materials to achieve higher durability, ensuring it will maintain its shape over time. It is also covered by a two-year warranty, allowing for full gaming immersion without worries.

Empowered by ShockSpread™ material technology and an embedded honeycomb structure to enhance impact absorption, it easily passes military drop tests.

Tank It, Gank It, Rank It!

Join forces with your allies to dominate the battleground, wear the RhinoBuff armor, and unleash unparalleled potential with superb teamwork!


Mission Code: Zero Waste

Equipment inevitably faces the day of elimination. These used cases retain value thanks to their use of exclusive sustainable material tech. When recycled into the RHINO LOOP circular ecosystem, they can be regenerated to the fullest extent.

0 waste, mono material, 100% circular. Join us and millions of our users in the battle against single-use plastic pollution, overcoming our planet's greatest enemy together.

RhinoBuff FPS Precision Kit

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