Using the right materials to transform recycling into meaningful impact.

100% Recycled, Zero Compromises
We changed the game from the source. Since 2017, our commitment to sustainability shines through – our mono-material approach ensures top-notch protection without sacrificing recyclability.

Mono Material = More Sustainable

Less Complexity, More Recyclability
Instead of struggling with the separation of composite materials, we use mono-material for easy recycling.

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Q: Mono material vs composite material?

A: With mono-material recycling, complicated material separation isn't needed— it can just be crushed into pieces and recreated into new products.

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Q: Is my composite materials case really recycled?

A: Separating composite materials incurs high costs. Achieving true circularity is a challenge.

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Q: Are recycled products always inferior?

A: Quality endures. We insist on using mono-material, which extends its lifespan by sixfold.

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Q: What makes RHINOSHIELD's mono-material stand out?

A: Our ShockSpread™ ECO tech, where mono-material meets durability and superior shock resistance.

Recycling Process


Material Separation

Circular Lifecycle


Material Lifespan

No More Virgin Plastics


Recycled and Remade

Less Carbon


Efficiency Increase

Sustainable Product


Users' Choice


Humanity is part of nature. Yet, our creations disrupt the harmony of circularity in nature.
When plastics pose a threat, we're committed to using better materials & recycling. This helps us change how plastics work, making them a vital part of Earth's sustainable cycle.


Shielding Health, Rescuing Earth


It's not just about protecting phones and the Earth; it's also about your body's well-being.
No more harmful phthalates on your skin. We're dedicated to using eco-friendly and recycled materials, ensuring no harm to our planet.

Embark on the sustainability journey with a global community of tens of millions, united in the RHINOSHIELD circular ecosystem.
Thrilled to welcome you to our mission for a zero-waste future— the next cycle is ready to unfold.

Beyond recycling, what lies ahead? Your old companion begins a circular adventure, reborn as someone else's cherished gift. Join us in celebrating this 'Happy Rebirthday' together.