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RHINOSHIELD JellyTint Phone Case

Countless Hues, Unique Colorways

Colors exude charisma without words. Meet JellyTint – the colored transparent case.

Dress your device in Neon for undeniable attention, channel Cyber Blue for an avatar-inspired vibe, or go Moody Green for moments of solitude. Switch to Dark mode and unveil your alter ego.

JellyTint lets your authenticity shine, turning every glance into a statement.

Clear, Transparent, Color-Lasting Magic
    • Clear: Zero dots, spotless surface. JellyTint reflects pure brilliance from any angle.
    • Transparent: Premium quality, meticulous process. Impurities are eliminated, leaving only the pure essence of the clear cases' material behind.
    • Enduring colorways: While others fade and become yellow, JellyTint stays unwavering even through harsh UV tests, staying vibrant over time.
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    ShockSpread™ LUX: Substance Beneath the Style
    • Exceeds military standards. Protects your phone from drops of up to 11 feet / 3.5 meters.
    • Patented Material Technology, Strong Endurance
  • JellyTint is backed by RHINOSHIELD's ShockSpread™ LUX material tech:

    Extreme clarity and color retention + top-tier impact resistance + durable toughness + 100% recyclable mono-material = Every feature you need in a clear case.

    JellyTint makes sacrificing style for practicality a thing of the past. Why pick one when you can have it all?

    Who Said Vibrant Colors Meant Toxic?

    At RHINOSHIELD, we break that rule. Committed to non-toxic materials, we ensure the final product is free of harmful substances like BPA/S/F, so you can go on your day with peace of mind at all times. We protect not just your phone, but your well-being.

    Did you know? All of our phone cases meet strict FDA food-grade standards, making it safe for kids and pets whenever they decide it's a good time to munch on your belongings.

    MagSafe Compatible, Double The Attraction

    Our magnets go beyond MagSafe standards, thanks to our exclusive material technology. Align the rings, bring them together, firmly attach, then say goodbye to accidental phone slips.

    Explore more MagSafe-compatible products in the RHINOSHIELD magnetic universe: from protective cases, phone grips to water bottles, your best supporters are only a few clicks away.


    #OOTD: What's Your Color Code Today?

    For someone as stylish as you, your look for the day isn't complete without the perfect matching phone case.

    With JellyTint, the floor is yours. Whether it's bold color contrasts or tone-on-tone harmony, one thing is for sure: Your true colors will be under the spotlight.

    Create Your JellyTint

    Transform unforgettable moments into pocket-sized art.

    Design and remix your polaroids, stickers, and tickets onto your JellyTint's vibrant colored canvas and bring them anywhere you go.

    *If you select a MagSafe-compatible phone case, please prioritize the magnetic attraction function and avoid attaching small accessories within the magnetic usage area.

    Unleash Your Creativity, Design Your Own Look

    Collaborating with global brands and creative communities, we offer thousands of design choices—from museum art to street culture, films to illustrations.

    Personalize further with text, symbols, stickers, or upload your photos to showcase your unique style.

    Small Changes, Big Improvements

    We believe in the power of subtle change, where even small items have the potential to make big impacts on your lifestyle.

    That's why RHINOSHIELD expands the phone accessory ecosystem, seamlessly integrating protection and convenience into everyday scenarios.

    Crossbody Lanyard


    Impact Protector




    Camera Ring


    Circular Design: Where Style Meets Sustainability

    Amidst countless styles, our design philosophy is simplicity, anchored in material essence.

    Since 2017, all RHINOSHIELD phone cases embrace 'mono material' to enhance recycling efficiency and remake quality, reducing waste.

    Join our circular ecosystem; millions globally already have, on the journey towards zero waste with us.

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