Mod NX - Modular phone case

Two-modes case with frame and backplateSwitch as you wish, whenever you need

Unlimited styles

The Mod NX is a fashion runway for your phone. With its interchangeable backplate design, you can easily switch up your phone's style to match your mood. Simplify: Remove the backplate and replace it with a rim for a bumper case that shows off your phone's original beauty while still staying protected from falls. Switch it up: Easily swap out the frame, buttons, and backplates for a new look to express your creativity and style any day, any time.

New day, new phone case look.Customized designs for every day of the week.

We have thousands of collections from brand collaborations and RHINOSHIELD original artworks available for customization. Whether you're looking to create a matching set with your other half, preparing a birthday gift, or simply wanting to upgrade your own style, you're sure to find a design that inspires you and sparks your creativity. A new look every day is only one swap away.

ShockSpread - A unique material born to protect your phone

Designed with a unique high-tech material, ShockSpread combines a special structure and production technique to create a case that can easily absorb impacts from falls up to 11 feet / 3.5 meters. Born to protect. Built to last.
  • Exceeds military standards. Drop resistant, survived 11 feet / 3.5 meters tumble tests.
  • Protective honeycomb structure increases impact absorption by 10%

MagSafe compatible phone caseSuperior magnetic full force

Our Mod NX series now includes MagSafe compatible cases, giving you 2x the magnetic force to keep your device securely in place. Not only is it compatible with our GRIPMAX (also MagSafe compatible), but it also works with other MagSafe accessories, such as the iPhone MagSafe Charger.


Better for you

Protect your phone. Protect your health. We prioritize your health and safety in everything we do. For that reason, our phone cases have been designed and tested to protect both your device and you. Our cases have met FDA food-grade standards and adhere to BPA/BPS/BPF-free standards, ensuring that they are safe for use and won't expose you or your loved ones to harmful environmental hormones.

Unleash your creativity. Design your own look.

RHINOSHIELD collaborates with brands and creative communities around the world, providing you thousands of graphic options from museum art pieces to grassroot street culture artworks - choose what fits your style. You can also customize your own case design with pictures, texts, numbers, or icons to have your personalized phone accessories. Unleash your uniqueness, show up in your own style.

Small changes. Big improvements.

Believe in the power of subtle change. Even a small item can bring sparkles to your daily life. RHINOSHIELD provides numerous options for phone accessories - enrich your life with various colors and styles.

Oldies made new with RHINOSHIELD

RHINOSHIELD is dedicated in circular design. Our mono-material product design and production can ensure a used product to get back into circular circle and maximize the recycling and reuse process. By doing that, we can cut down the usage of original plastics and give the product a “second life” for a more sustainable future.

Which product is right for you?


Mod NX

Modular Protective Case



Classic Protective Case



Anti-yellowing Protective Clear Case



Transparent Tinted Protective Case



100% Circular Protective Case



Protective Bumper Phone Case